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Suitable for medicinal plants

suitable  for medicinal plantsJUNGLE indabox is a complete plant nutrition system that has been designed for medicinal plants, herbs and other edible crops. High purity of JUNGLE indabox fertilizers and undetectable content of heavy metals or other impurities has been confirmed by laboratory analysis. Laboratory supervised and tested purity of base materials guarantees high quality and exceptional flavor of your produce.

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Bio mineral

bio mineral

JUNGLE indabox fertiliser is a three-part mix of mineral based and organic substances with synergic eff ect. Food grade mineral base materials from natural deposits are enriched with highly active soil and organic compounds.

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Optimized ratio of humic and fulvic acids works as a perfectly balanced bloom stimulator. They ensure that absorption and utilization of phosphorus and potassium is continuous and complete. Humic and fulvic acids strengthen plant tissue which results in stronger stems and higher yields.

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CL free

bez chloru

Fertilizers are chloride free, which is fundamental when growing varieties from chloride sensitive plant families. Thanks to this characteristic there is no need to use any enzymatic agents to remove dead or decomposing plant roots.

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Chelated forms


Microelements (zinc, copper, manganese, iron etc .. ) are all present in chelated forms, which ensures their eff ective absorption - necessary for plant health. Some of our chelating agents are also used in human medicine.

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Our unique combination of natural vitamins and cytokinins (plant hormones that regulate plant growth) makes plants vigorous and resistant to disease, pests and fungi. It also stimulates growth of a strong root system, enhances chlorophyll formation and protects plants against stress from potential climatic and environmental fluctuations - particularly outdoors.

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PH stable

ph stable

Auto buff ering mechanisms help to maintain the watering solution pH stable and depending on your water quality, completely eliminate or greatly reduce the need for pH adjustment solutions.

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outdoor hnojiva

We are pioneering OUTDOOR nutrition series for easy growing in soil and soil substrates, which has become the new benchmark in outdoor medicinal plant cultivation. Easy to use, optimizing the nutrient absorption and preserving the quality of your soil and its microorganisms whilst maintaining all the advantages of the URBAN series.

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Organic nitrogen

organický dusík

Organic nitrogen in JUNGLE indabox OUTDOOR series contains no foreign or industrial impurities.

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CZ made

vyrobeno v České republice

JUNGLE indabox fertilizers have been developed solely by a group of enthusiasts in Czech Republic, where many significant plant genetics and plant physiology discoveries were made. We continue to research and develop solutions to complex ecological challenges that plant cultivation poses nowadays with emphasis on reduced access to irrigation and ability to grow in ecological niches.

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