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Dosage Urban series

dosage urban

Dosage is given in ml per 100 L of nutrient solution. Resulting ≈EC when mixing with water from the RO (Reverse Osmosis) unit, rainwater or soft water.

Values in the table are for growing in drip or hand-watered systems with inert mediums – rockwool and coco fibre.

For growing in NFT and soil substrates, use half-strength solution (increase later if needed). When growing in soil,
maintain pH 6 – 6.4. *

For cultivation in the aeroponic environment or bubbler systems, use one-third of the usual concentration (increase
later if needed). *

For growing under LED systems, increase the concentration by about 20% and reduce the frequency of watering
(less evaporation due to lower temperature under lights).

guidance dose to achieve

Preparation of the solution:

Shake well before each use. The sediment is a sign of natural product; it will completely dissolve in the solution.
For basic use, always mix all three components. Pour individual components into a measured amount of water
and mix thoroughly each time. EC of the solution depends on the water hardness. EC can be increased by
adding the individual components in the recommended ratio or reduced by diluting the solution with water.
Aft er mixing the components, measure EC and pH values and if necessary adjust the pH to pH 5.9 with pH - UP
and pH - DOWN solutions.
Due to the characteristics of the fertilizer, regular flushing is not necessary. With fruits and vegetables flush with clean
water with pH 6 during last three days before harvest. The fertilizer contains natural humic and fulvic acids, thiamine,
cytokinins and amino acids. Do not mix with products of other producers. Do not use oxygenating of the solution with
H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) due to degradation of bio components. For regular cleaning of the system, peroxide can be
used as normal.
Storage: Store between 5 – 28°C, protect from frost and direct sunlight.



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